Subtle Attacks to the Gospel

J10.2.13 school2uapong, Ghana — 18,638. That’s the number of people who have indicated their decision to receive Jesus Christ thus far during this project in Ghana.  Through noon on Wednesday we have shared the Gospel in 97 different venues to total crowds nearing 30,000.  This has been, and continues to be, a wonderful ministry where God is preparing the hearts of people to hear His Word.  We are thankful for all you who are praying for the work.

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This morning was filled with blessings.  My team had the opportunity to speak in a Senior High School where over 3,000 students, teachers, administrators, and guests gathered to hear us speak.  The entire crowd was respectful and receptive to the words of scripture that God used to draw over 2,000 of them to express their “first-time decision” for Christ.

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We learned that we are not alone in the battle for the souls of humankind.  An organized army of Muslims have undertaken a plan to build a mosque on the grounds of every Senior High School in Ghana.  Construction has already begun on many of these buildings.  This well-funded organization is working their way into this place and making every effort to win the minds of students.  There is nothing militant or violent about this work but rather takes the approach of simple benevolent acts which communicate, “We want to help.”

10.2.13 schoolPastor Lartey remarked, “They will try and blind their eyes with nice facilities, but we will reach their hearts with the Word of God!  It reminds us that we cannot be slack in our presentation of the Gospel.”  In addition to this Muslim men are being paid $1,000USD to marry “Christian women.”  These men are telling their wives, “You can still go to your church, but our children will be Muslim.”  Each of these men may have up to four wives.  We are engaged in a spiritual battle.

10.2.13 prayingPlease continue to pray for our work here.  Our national team has so much follow-up ministry to do.  We have only two more full days of ministry here, but they each have months and months of disciple making responsibilities in front of them.

The work never ends!