Students From 11 Schools Hear the Gospel

[Peki, Ghana] — Monday, 24 September 2012 — The first day of school ministry has been completed.  Between the two teams we were able to share the Gospel in 11 different schools this morning.  The students were, as always, well mannered, behaved, and gracious towards us. Thus far in the project we know that we have shared the message of Jesus Christ with over 5,100 individuals.

Although the physical facilities of the schools are far different from those in the US and other western cultures the young people seem to be far more dedicated to the privilege of the education they are offered.  There is no sense of entitlement here.  Each of these kids know that their future will, in many ways, be determined by these few years in school.  Unlike many in our country, they are thankful for the opportunity of education.

We are continuing to hear good reports from our previous projects here.  Even today someone related the results of our dental and medical projects.  It seems that the dental visits have had particularly good results, in that people are humbled and amazed that someone would come, “all the way from America” and offer them dental care without cost.  Their statement was, “Surely this is evidence of true Christianity.”  Because of the dental (and medical) clinics many have responded to the ongoing work of the Gospel.

Even though Dr. Ney is not with us on this project, his name is continually being mentioned with honor, respect, and great appreciation.

Please continue to pray for the effectiveness of this ministry project.