Students and Teachers

Thursday in Sogakope

[Sogakope, Ghana] Today began early as both Jeff and I had schools scheduled to begin at 7:30. This meant breakfast had to be served at 6:45. The kitchen staff was “almost on time,” with coffee and toast arriving by 7:00am. Such is the idea of time in Ghana!

File Mar 17, 5 48 06 PMAll the schools today were again wonderful. During this entire project I have only been in one school that was unruly and a bit disrespectful. In that particular school the teachers were disengaged and did not attend the assembly, but rather sat outside the group lounging and talking as we presented the Gospel. This spiritual warfare reminded me that leaders (at all levels) greatly influence those under their charge. These students were the direct reflection of the arrogance and attitude of the teachers. Such is the case in schools around the globe! I am happy to report that even in this school we saw many, many students respond positively to the Gospel! The Word of God is powerful, even in the face of opposition.

We only have 2 more evenings of film projects and 1 day of schools remaining. At this stage in each project we are prepared for the spiritual attacks we will certainly encounter. This means, more than ever, we need your prayers.

Thus far we have shared the Gospel in 108 separate venues to crowds in excess of 28,000 people where we have seen over 20,000 individuals indicate first-time decisions for Christ. This continues to amaze us all. On behalf of Jeff, James, and Andy I express our profound appreciation for your continued prayers.