Straight From My Heart…

Roy for BlogsThis past week-end I celebrated my birthday!  June 2 marked my 55th one of these and I am thankful for my friends around globe who shared kind words with me.  I was glad to have my family and a few close friends over for a wonderful cook-out and time of celebration.

I was most surprised by the fact that our oldest daughter made an unexpected visit for the weekend.  She lives in Charleston, SC and she had told me that her work schedule was going to keep her in town for the weekend (she just started a new job) but that she would “see me soon.”  I was standing in the kitchen on Saturday morning and when the door opened and she walked in my heart did back flips.  Much to my surprise everyone else in the family knew that she was coming.  My 5 year old grandson even said to me … “I knew Aunt Becca was coming but I had to keep the secret.”  Then he said, “I don’t like to keep secrets from Pop-Pop.”  With both our daughters  and their families there, my day was wonderful.

The words from my oldest grandson (the 5 year-old) ringing in my ears got me to thinking.  While secrets are sometimes fun we must remember that when we have really important news we must be willing to announce it to the world.  Some things should remain hidden in our hearts, but when we have good news it must never be a secret.  Of course I am talking about the greatest news of all — the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.  I trust that you will make it your habit — day by day — to share with others the love of God, in Christ, with all those in your circle of influence.

The fact that my daughter was going to surprise me was a wonderful secret, but the fact that Jesus loves us is an announcement that must be shared!  Until Jesus returns, I remain

Yours, in the fulfilling of the Great Commission,

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