Straight From My Heart…

Col. David WestWhat has quickly become one of  the most meaningful things I participate in annually is the US Capitol Reading Marathon.

This year joining me for the marathon were Jeff Andler, Dave West, and Pete, Joy, and Will Stamey.  Our assigned times were on Sunday night from 10pm- 2am (Monday morning) as well as Monday night from 10pm – 1am (Tuesday morning.)  Standing alone on the west steps of the Capitol Building looking down the national mall reminded me that even in a place that routinely mocks and seeks to discredit the Word and Will of God we are still afforded the opportunity to read this Word aloud.

The truth is that God’s Word never returns void and thus I am sure that He honored this public reading of His eternal truth.  Part of our reading assignment covered the sure and certain judgement that comes upon those who reject and refuse the counsel of God in leading people.  It is my prayer that the true followers of the Lord Jesus will always remember that we serve a living God and that our King is none other than Jesus, Himself.  In the midst of difficult times globally, remember JESUS is sufficient for all!

It is my prayer that as you enjoy the warmer, and often busier months of the year you will plan some days and weeks of vacation with your family.  These times of relaxation are much needed by us all.  Use these times of refreshment as an opportunity to focus on the glory and wonder of our gracious Heavenly Father who displays His greatness through all of His creation.

I am looking forward to all that God is doing with us in the advancement of His Kingdom.  Until Jesus comes, I remain yours in

Fulfilling the Great Commission,

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Dr. Roy D. Mason, Jr.