Straight From My Heart…

 Col. David West

Col. David West

This morning I was talking with my dear friend and colleague, Col. David West, who is serving the Lord in a foreign country right now.  He shared with me the news that his spiritual mentor and friend “Preacher Bill” Ellison of South Carolina is nearing death.  He is in a coma and under the care of Hospice.  Please pray for his family during these days.  Also pray for David, who is struggling emotionally because of a previous request made of him by “Preacher Bill,” who had asked David to lead his funeral whenever the day came.  David knows that he is doing exactly what the Lord asked of him by being in his current location, but his heart is grieved because he will be unable to be here for the funeral.  I hope that you will remember to lift all of these dear ones to the Lord and ask that God be glorified in all things.

Thank you so much for praying

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