Straight From My Heart…

GhanaThe joy of the Lord is my strength! These words have become much more than just words. As we face the challenges of ministry the constant reminder of our need is the Joy of the Lord!

As we prepare for this next overseas ministry project I assure you that challenges are abundant. We are going with our most aggressive and Extreme agenda to date.

We will be having three teams working daily in schools, villages, and film crusades PLUS the excellent blessing of the added dental work. While this means we will, most likely, see at least a third more people than usual it also translates into more difficult logistical challenges too. Our men in Ghana assure us that we are prepared for this, but my experiences reveal that with each added part to the project, headaches double.

I hope you will pray for us in the days of continued preparation as well as the actual days of the ministry in Ghana.

During our time there I will be unveiling a bold new directive for our work in West Africa, one that we are calling Operation Harmattan.

I believe God has given me the vision to share the Gospel with every person in Ghana by the end of this decade. This extreme vision will be possible only as God enables us to multiply our efforts with both our people in Ghana and our friends from around the globe. It will require more involvement, more investment, and more intensity than we have ever had. We will be taking more and larger teams into the country each year and will have to expand our operational base in Ghana.

I hope you will begin to pray now for Operation Harmattan as we unveil and explain it to our staff in Ghana. It holds great promise and potential, but it will require the absolute blessing of God upon it.

Thank-you for your continued blessings, prayers and financial support on our behalf.