Straight From My Heart…

Headed to GhanaIn just a matter of days our team will be setting out for an intense rural evangelism project in Ghana.  I am thankful for the great team that God has put together for this particular ministry work.

Each team member is uniquely gifted and a perfect match for the assignments facing us.  We will, of course, certainly face “unexpected” obstacles and opposition but I am sure none of these things will catch God off guard.  Please pray for us all and ask the Heavenly Father to constantly remind us that we are both empowered and embraced by Him.

The work of global evangelism is not only in the hands of those men who will be leaving home and traveling to Africa. No, the work rests in the hands of every believer.  If you are a child of God you are a soldier in the Lord.  Warren Wiersbe aptly wrote: “Some are good soldiers of Jesus Christ while others are AWOL or casualties on the battlefield of life.”   I hope you know which kind of soldier you are.  Whether you go or give, it is a part of the battle for righteousness.  As you help supply for the needs you are enabling us to work fervently in the field. We are still praying for God to meet the immediate needs of support for additional pastors and bibles for distribution.  I am confident that God will meet every need according to His great provision.

I wish I could personally thank each person who stands alongside us.  Thank you for your prayers — they keep us going when the going gets tough.  Thank you for your financial support of this work — it still amazes me how wonderfully faithful God is.  Thank-you for your words of encouragement — it means so very much to know that people really care.

I hope you will follow us on my blog where I will give you updates on the ministry.

Until Jesus returns, I remain

Yours, in the fulfilling of the Great Commission,

Roy D. Mason Signature