Spiritual Warfare Intensifies

9.26.11  Dr. Sammy Lartey copyOne of the constants of life is knowing this:  “There are no blessings without battles … there is no Victory without war.”  This is certainly realized in our spiritual lives and particularly during our days of preparation for an international ministry project.  Over the last couple of weeks there have been numerous spiritual battles waged against many of the people involved on our team.  Just yesterday, I received this text from Sammy Lartey, our national director in Ghana.  Bea, that he refers to in the message, is his dear wife.  (This is his exact text …)

Dear Roy, Bea’s family is going thru’ severe attacks of late. After the death of the brother’s wife, an Uncle followed last month. Just last week, Bea’s direct  brother, that she comes after also died. This week, Bea’s sister’s son, a medical Doctor also died. The 2 are yet to be buried. Kindly call Bea and ask her to take heart. I was with the family yesterday to mourn with them. This will in NO way have ANY effect on the coming Project. Roms.8:28. Only do me this favor to call Bea. Her no.xxx-xxx-xxxx.  –Sammy

I did call and speak with Bea but this is a difficult time for the family.

This morning the following text came from Sammy:

The prep. battle for the coming project has intensify in all circles. During this week I’ve had to carry out major repairs on the Rovers to the tune of over $400. Just yesternite, the power- steering motor on my rover got spoiled. This will cost $200.I’m not asking u for this.A friend has promised me a loan for this. We’ve planed an all-nite prayer today with all pastors in attendance.Join us in Spirit for this, tonite. Ephes 6:10-18. –Sammy at war Thanks.

I’m most grateful for the concern and Love shown. Trust u’ll join us tonite in spirit in our warfare with the kingdom of darkness. Stay in touch.

As you can sense from his dear servant He is stretched but no surrendered. Sammy is one of the dearest men I have ever met in the world and when he asks for prayer he really needs it.  I hope you will join this group in praying.  Just stop right now and offer a prayer on behalf of these choice men in Ghana.

There is lesson for us to take away with us from all of this.