Some Random Thoughts From Ghana

Sunday, 25 March 2012
Accra, Ghana
1950 local time

We just got word that Jeff’s brother, John Andler, was found dead in his apartment in Atlanta, GA.  He died of an apparent heart attack, and was 59 years old.  Please be in prayer for Jeff and his family as they deal with this sudden, unexpected loss.


We’re sitting here in Accra, waiting for our flight back to the USA.  The time is is used for a bit of rest and relaxation before coming home.  It is good, but is seems like the time stands still.

On Saturday, Jeff and I got a car and went to the African Market at the round-a-bout on the George W. Bush Highway.  As always we were greeted by the artists’ shouts of “my friend, my friend!”  On Friday we stopped there for a brief time while James and Andy bought some souvenirs to take home.  Neither Jeff nor I bought anything, but we promised the merchants that we would return on Saturday.  I am sure they did not believe us, but we did.

When we arrived, there was an obvious excitement that we had, in fact, kept our word.  We wandered through the shops and spent some time with the very workers to whom we had given our promise.  While all of them had wonderful hand-carved merchandise, I was somehow drawn to one man named Hussan.  I bought a couple of pieces of his hand-painted art and he said, “You are a good man.  You promised to come back and you did.”

The story does not end there.  After sitting and visiting with him in his little hut, I began to talk with him about spiritual things.  He told me he was a Muslim but I watched as the Holy Spirit began to draw this man to Himself.  I shared the Gospel with this gentle man and as he listened intently I saw his expression move from openness to conviction.  I asked him if he would like to talk to God and invite Jesus into his heart and he did!  I watched and listened to this man call out to Jesus and invite him into his heart.  He was converted and became my brother.

Of all the people that indicated their decision to receive Jesus Christ, I know this man by name.  I hope you will remember to pray for Hussan and his new walk with Christ.  I told him that I would see him in the fall of this year and that I would bring him a bible.  I will again, keep my word.

We are in the Accra airport now just waiting to come home.  Thank you so much for lifting us up in prayer during this project.  Please do not stop praying now.  There is so much more work to be done.