Slow, but Sure


[SHAI HILLS Hotel, Ghana] —The project is off to a slow, but good start. Heavy rains and the recently proclaimed holiday have reduced the number of venues we have been able to conduct thus far. Through Monday noon we have shared in only 4 different settings.

On Sunday night our three separate teams shared the Gospel message through the showing of the JESUS film and a message of hope and eternal life. The message is unchanging: Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven! With combined audiences totaling 851 individuals we have witnessed 711 of those indicate first- time decisions for Christ!

Monday morning, which was scheduled to provide 12 distinct school ministry opportunities, was nearly completely cancelled because of the newly proclaimed “Founders Day” here which closed school to mandated attendance. There was, however, one local boarding school that allowed us to come and share with the students there — a total audience of 157 where 140 made a decision for Christ.

God’s grace continues to be realized as our team is gelling into a very cohesive unit of front-line evangelists. Additionally we are thankful for the cloud cover that is really providing cooler temperatures — so cool in fact that every person wore long pants to our outside breakfast this morning!

Many of you want to know how Sammy [Lartey] our national director’s health is doing and I am delighted to say that this 66 year old looks better and more active than I have seen him in years! He has a spring in his step and a shine in his eye that is a testimony to the marvelous goodness of God. All of our hearts are overjoyed to see this dear servant of God doing exactly what he loves to do. Our only sadness is in the fact that our dear friend James (from back home) was unable to join us for this project due to some ongoing health problems. “James, we miss you every day!”

Please continue to pray for us as we face the opportunities in front of us.