Sharing the Gospel with Indian School Children

[Chennai, India] –The sights, sounds, and smells of this vast city bring back memories of days gone by, but also point us to the task at hand.  The streets are teeming with people — more than I ever remember seeing in any one place.  There are people from nearly all socioeconomic groups here, but the overwhelming majority are drowning in poverty.  While my heart continues to be moved by this physical need I am also drawn to the spiritual hunger evident in the hearts of many of these precious people.

Today, while sharing the Gospel in a Senior Secondary School, it was thrilling to see the piercing dark eyes of most of those in attendance as they listened to a message from the Word of God.  The faces of the students was aglow with eager anticipation of the Good News of Jesus Christ!  When the young people were presented with the truth of the Gospel so very many of them indicated their decision for Christ.

Jeff and I have shared the Gospel with individuals in no fewer than 18 different countries  and while people globally respect and listen to the Gospel, I must say that the initial interest in the message of Jesus seems most obvious here in India.  I think this is perhaps because of the emptiness that has been realized in the eastern religions that are so prevalent here.  The people here have seen, first hand, the hollowness of bowing to idols in a vain pursuit of meaning and fulfillment.  They are hungry for a personal fellowship with the God of the universe.  The moment that they learn that Jesus Christ is the only hope they have for an eternal relationship with God, they eagerly respond to His offer of salvation.

I am eternally thankful that God is allowing me to be a part of what He is doing around the world.  There is no greater privilege that sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people.  Please continue to pray for our ministry during these days in India.  Thus far we have presented a clear message of God’s love to a crowd of over 2000.  Pray that God will give people a heart to receive His offer of eternal life.