Seeing God’s Head At The Stoplight

egor-goray-summer-NY-Intersection1Sitting as the first car at a stoplight this morning, my mind was drawn to the routine that all the drivers of the turning traffic seemed to be going through. I don’t know why my eyes focused on the people and why I started thinking about what those folk might be facing today. It was obvious to me that each person was making a turn they had probably made hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

There was no sense of urgency in the eyes of the people. No sense of rush, just a sense of routine. Developing a routine is a good thing. Most of these folk have learned that following their routine enables them to avoid the pitfalls of traffic delays and the like. Most all of us have become creatures of habit.

What is your morning routine like? Do you find time to read your bible? Do you find time to pray? Do you carve out time to read a devotional thought? I have been encouraging people this year to use an older, but timely devotional book entitled “Prayer, Praise, and Promises” by Warren Wiersbe. You can read it daily, on-line for free if you will simply Click here. I think you would do well to add this into your morning routine. I am in no way saying this is the only devotional book on the market, but it is one that has stood the test of time and has blessed many people through the years.

When I begin my day with the Lord I am more fully prepared for the day ahead. No one knows what the day might hold, but it is wonderful to know who holds the day. Get into the routine of beginning your day with your mind turned toward the love of the Lord Jesus.