Second Week of Ministry Has Begun

9.30.13 Bumpy RoadJuapong, Ghana — Our morning began around 6am.  After breakfast Jeff and I set out for our day of school ministries.  With each of us and our national team members loaded into our Land Rovers we began our way down the main road from town.  The wide dirt road harkened me back to days of my childhood in rural North Carolina.  I was reminded that God is always been preparing us for His assignments.

In this more rural area we are working in much smaller schools.  Most of these kids and teachers have never had a “yavoo” (“white man”) visit in their villages or schools. For some, in fact, we are the first westerners they have ever seen.  We all accept this responsibility seriously and are keenly aware that we must present Jesus in both word and deed.  Often we are overcoming incorrect ideas that have been portrayed from Hollywood and the media.

The morning has gone without serious complications.  Do pray for Andy Poe who is battling a bit of a stomach problem today; but we are certain this is just temporary and that he will be better before the day is through. All other team members have been completely free of any ailments thus far and are trusting God to keep us safe and secure during all these days of ministry.

Since our arrival in Ghana on Saturday, 21 September we have shared the Gospel, face-to-face to thousands and thousands of people in 71 different ministry venues and have witnessed over 12,100 people indicate first-time decisions for Christ.  Please pray for the next 5 days we have here and ask God to draw many people to Himself.