Schools Finally Impacted By Strike

Roy preaching  3.20.13

The National Teachers strike is today affecting our work in the schools.  On more than one occasion this morning we drove up to empty school yards and buildings.  This is disappointing but we know that God is working out His own purpose in this.

Our double duty the last couple of days has apparently paid off since we were able to share in schools that were scheduled for the rest of this week.  Our coordinators here are working diligently to get us in to more private schools in the area.  Please pray for this strategy change.


Smiling Kids  3.20.13


We also want to encourage you to pray for our Ghanaian team members who are working from 4:00 AM until after midnight.  I’m thankful to know that they have the opportunity for some rest each day from noon until 4pm.  Sammy looked especially fatigued this morning.



drums 3.20.13Please pray for continued safety, strength, and security during our last few days of ministry here.  We have school ministry plans for Thursday and Friday — with 2 film crusades each evening.