School Strikes Do Not Stop the Gospel!

Roy_preaching2 3.16.13Thank you for your continued prayers!  The teacher strike has not yet caused the students to miss school.  Unlike kids at home, students here view education as a privilege rather than a right.  With this correct thought they are all showing up each day for school even though they are aware that the teachers might not.  This morning our two teams spoke to over 5,400 students in 22 different groups.  In most of these places there were only one or two workers on site.

I do want to say a word of appreciation for the few teachers and workers that continue to show up in their schools each day.  These dedicated workers are committed to the task of instruction — even in the midst of the “strike talks.”  I see each of them as men and women who are being used of God, even though they are completely blind to this truth.  God is still working in marvelous ways in the face of demonic opposition.

Kids_bibles 3.16.13


Since our project began on Thursday, March 7 we have been able to share the Gospel in 122 different ministry venues are have witnessed 17,644 indicate first-time-decisions for Christ.  I am trusting God for those who have truly “believed” to grow in their walk with Christ.