School Ministry Ends on Thursday

It appears that today will be our final opportunity to be in the schools during this project.  The result on the ongoing Teacher Strike has been the closing of all the schools in this area of the country — and presumably all of the country.  However, by God’s grace and the strategic planning of our Ghanian team, we were able to cover nearly all of our planned ministry.  Since our arrival in Mepe (on Thursday, 3/7/13) we have been able to share the Gospel with 116 different school groups.  This is certainly a testimony to the provision and plan of God.

Briana School 3.21.13


Each team member has brought their own spiritual gifts to this project.  Briana Chase certainly added greatly to this project by being able to share with the younger children in some of the schools.  This enabled the older students to gather without the interruption from the younger kids, which made it possible for Jeff and me to speak more frankly and directly.


Jeff Spkg - School 5 3.21.13

Pastor Mark Chase, Craig Barker, and Nick Ollila each took turns in speaking during the 2 nightly film crusades.  Words from our Ghanian counterparts express appreciation and affirmation of these capable speakers.  It is important to remember that neither Craig nor Nick are pastors but are laymen who have yielded their time to be used by God in this wonderful project.  It is a reminder that God can always use people who are surrendered to Him.  Perhaps you too should consider how you might be involved in a future ministry project.


I cannot say enough about the work that God is doing here.  We have been blessed to meet so many people who have responded personally to the Gospel message.  Only eternity will reveal the true glory of the project, but we are thankful to know that we have been able to stand, face-to-face, with over 27,000 individuals while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His message to all Believers is simple:

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”
(Mark 16: 15)