School Ministries Completed … for now!

[Peki, Ghana] — We have just completed our school ministries for this project.  In all we have shared in the Gospel with 113 schools over these past two weeks.  The reception in all of these has been warm and gracious.  The students (elementary through college) have been a joy to be around.  This is but one of the things that encourages us so greatly.

Our days here have begun early and ended late, but we are thankful for God’s great provision and protection.  We have, thus far, been strong and safe in all ways.  Please continue to pray for us during these remaining days of ministry.  Thank-you for praying for our families back at home during these days too.  Speaking for all of us, I can say that we are missing them and looking forward to seeing their faces next week.

Andy Poe has done a great job during this project.  He has preached every night in film crusades and has provided most of the photos you have seen in these blogs.  He is a friend and brother (of over 40 years) and I am thankful that God has used him so much for the sake of the Kingdom.

Jeff Andler, as always, proves to be a faithful friend and colleague in the ministry.  We have been traveling together since 2003 and his commitment to the Gospel blesses and encourages everyone.  I thank God daily for this brother and am grateful that he is already ready to travel into the remote regions of the world with the Gospel.

In addition to these brothers, Craig Barker, who returned home a few days ago because of a previous commitment there, did an outstanding job here.  This layman from Virginia, who first came to Ghana in 2009, this was his fourth ministry with us.  I hope that he will continue to return many times in the years ahead.

Our national team, too numerous to mention deserve all our thanks!  National Director, Rev. Dr. Samuel Lartey, Rev. Ebenezer Agbleze, Rev. Simon Akpolu, and Rev. Jacob Yakabu have coordinated and managed this work with tremendous sufficiency.  We are deeply thankful for the many ways they work in preparation, implementation, and follow-up on these … and all projects.  Only eternity will reveal the true benefit of their labors.

We have two film crusades on Friday and again on Saturday nights.  We are praying that the Gospel will go forth in power.  Thus far, in our 144 ministry venues we have seen over 20,200 indicated, public decisions for Christ.  Although we do not know the full extent of this work, we are thankful to God for His grace is allowing us to witness His mighty hand.  Please continue to pray for us during these remaining days of ministry.