Relaxation and Reflection

Find Rest For Your SoulThe summer months always bring times of relaxation and reflection.  I am so very thankful for the times of family vacations when we have fewer responsibilities and more recreation.  I love being at the beach with our kids and grand kids.  It’s absolutely wonderful to ride bikes, frolic on the seashore, and just spend time together.

The summer might be the perfect time to build on the relationships that God has given you.  Perhaps you have allowed some of your personal relationships to fall into disrepair.  While you might think that “it’s not your fault” may I remind you that it is your problem.  If people, with whom you have relationship and fellowship, are not as close and they once were, perhaps you can make the extra effort to show them that you are still invested in them.

Look for an opportunity today to share with others the love of God, in Christ.  Let your friends know that you care about them.  This is a tremendous opportunity we have to let God’s Light shine through us.  Until Jesus comes, I remain yours in


Fulfilling the Great Commission,
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Dr. Roy D. Mason, Jr.