Rainy days, holidays, and glorious days

[Anyinam, Ghana – 21 Sept. 1330lt] – We awoke this morning to a steady and driving rain.  After breakfast our national team arrived to collect us from the guesthouse and we learned that the schools had all been closed for the day.  This unscheduled national holiday (in honor of the birthday of Ghana’s first President) caught us off guard, but we have learned that God always has a plan in place for us.

After a bit of discussion we learned that Dr. Lartey and Rev. Ebenezer had been working feverishly since last night pleading with several head teachers in the villages to ask their students to come to school today to hear the Gospel.  Since we were already scheduled to be conducting a dental project in one of the remote villages Jeff and I accompanied Dr. Ney and his team to the village.  To our amazement our arrival in the village found four different schools assembled awaiting the presentation of the Gospel.

Let me make sure you are understanding my writing here, students voluntarily assembled – on a day of vacation from school – to hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ presented.  This was certainly the work of God’s Spirit!

All in all, at the end of three different school meetings we saw 484 individuals come to hear the Gospel message.  Praise the Lord for His grace and appeal!

This is not the first event that has been interrupted by rain.  Last night the film crusades were disturbed by strong storms, but we were able to still see over 500 individuals indicate first-time decisions for Christ.  The storms also have caused there to be a power outage in the region so our guesthouse is without electricity, but we are managing fine.

Let me encourage you to please pray that the rains would hold off so that we will be able to get to all our scheduled venues with the Gospel.  Thus far (through Wednesday noon) we have seen 3,933 individuals express their decision to receive Jesus Christ.  KEEP PRAYING!