Preparing the Way…

Please continue to pray for the upcoming Ghana project.  Our men on the ground continue to face severe opposition and trials of every sort.  I joined(via telephone) them this weekend for a wonderful time of prayer and praise to God.  Even in the midst of adversity these dear men encourage me beyond measure.  Several people have called or emailed me to assure us of their prayers as well.  I told the guys there that they could count on us to continue to lift their requests before the Lord’s throne of grace.

PastorsPlease remember this week to pray specifically for:
Dr. Sammy Lartey
Rev. Simon Akpolu
Rev. Ebenezer Agbleze
Rev. Jacob Yakubu
Rev. Emmanuel Ayikuma

These men are facing the most difficult tasks right now in preparing the way for our arrive next month.  Maybe you could take one name and pray for them each day this week.  I know they are counting on you.  I am so grateful to have you on our team and I will continue to thank the Lord for all that you do.