Praying for Those Around Us

[Peki, Ghana — 25 September 2012] — Another day of ministry has been completed and thus far we have see over 4,500 individuals indicate a decision for Christ.  Our team members have been faithfully sharing the Gospel with all who will hear.

Not everyone is ready to hear the Gospel.  Often in the schools we see teachers who are distant and intellectually closed to the message of Christ, but by God’s grace He is calling some of the teachers to salvation.  In one of our schools the headmaster was so moved by the Gospel that he was literally leaping and shouting for joy as the result of God’s Word in the school.  He was so very thankful that our team had traveled to his remote location and tell the students about the love of God in Christ.  Apparently he has been praying for God to do something wonderful in his students.

I often hear teachers in America lament the situations in their schools, complaining about the students, policies, and administrative excesses.  I wonder what would happen if these Christian workers would make their classrooms and students an intentional part of their personal prayer list?  What would happen if teachers listed their students by name in their prayer lists and then prayed for God to do something supernatural in the lives of these individual students?

Likewise, what would happen if every businessman listed his partners or employees, by name, on his prayer list and interceded on their behalf to the Lord?  I am convinced that things in the workplace would change if we began to do this.

Too often I think many of us are asking others to pray for us when perhaps we should be asking others, “How can I pray for you?”

Let’s begin today giving others the opportunity to know that we are willing to pray for them and their needs.  I know it will afford us the opportunity to share with them the Word of God in more personal ways.  And who knows, you might just see some of their lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Until He comes …