When A Pout turns to Praise

19 October 2017 –  Thursday morning taught me much about myself.  The ministry team I was with today was tasked with the assignment of traveling out to some pretty remote areas of this region.  Each turn on to a different road revealed more desperate times.  The muddy paths made for difficult travel and by the time we arrived for the first program not only was our vehicle straining, but so were all the occupants – including me!

The sight of the first school also revealed the most difficult challenge to date for me.  The building was perched high atop a plateau without any semblance of a path for me to traverse.  My colleague, and dear friend, Pastor Ebenezer said, “There is no way for you to climb to the school.  You stay here and I will go and share the Gospel.”  I argued for a moment, determined to find a way, tried desperately to locate a reasonable path, but quickly discovered that he was right so I sat on the edge of the truck and watched them struggle up the rocky path.

Sitting there, all alone, I began to sulk and pout about this momentary affliction.  I questioned the wisdom (or lack thereof) in my even being on this particular project.  As I thought about this and was beginning to “enjoy my sulking” a couple of students walked over to me and we began to talk.  The two turned to four, which turned to six, which turned to twelve.  It was as if God said, “Stop Sulking and Share!”

As I repented of my sin of self-pity and shared with these kids the love of Jesus Christ and the message of redemption their expressions melted me as they prayed and asked Jesus to come into their lives and give them eternal life. In that moment my pouting had turned to praise.

Later in the morning, after three more venues, I was able to stand in a big, open, sports complex where over 1,000 High School students were competing against each other in various sporting contests.  With very little persuasion the officials gathered them all together and invited to me share with these wonderful students.  They were all quiet and respectful and responsive to the message of Jesus.  Once again, my pouting had turned to praise.

Since Saturday, October 14 our teams have been in 99 separate venues where we have been able to present the Gospel to over 17,000 individuals.  Please continue to pray for our daily school ministries and evening film crusades in Ghana.  To God be the glory for all He continues to do.