People Still Coming to Christ!

[Denu, Ghana, Mar. 15] —   Our project in Ghana continues to move smoothly.  This is, I know because of the intense prayers of our friends around the world.  We are all thankful for you remembering and praying for us and the work of the Gospel.  Without your continued prayers our work would be in vain.

Our school ministry today took us to a variety of places.  Jeff shared the Gospel with a school that was situated alongside the ocean.  It was great to be with these students as they sat on the beach and listened to the message of Jesus Christ.  As the fishermen pulled in their nets with their catch of the day, we were able to witness Jesus, the Fisher of Men, draw His net and capture precious souls from the kingdom of darkness.

While Jeff was doing this great work I was able to travel to some of our most remote schools thus far (on this project).  While preaching under a mighty shade tree our team was able to see hundreds of students and teachers make their own decision to receive Jesus Christ!  It never gets old seeing people respond to Christ!

As of noon on Thursday we have been able to see 9,572 individuals indicate their first-time decision for Christ on this project!  It is both humbling and staggering to think about all that God is doing here.