Pastor Sammy Lartey Honored

[Kpong, Ghana – 17 Sept. 1615 lt] – Today our team was blessed to be a part of a special day of thanksgiving and praise. It was a time to celebrate Pastor SammyLartey’s 63rd birthday, 27 years of ministry, and thanksgiving for the physical healing in Sammy’s body.

A little more than a year ago Sammy suffered a debilitating stroke that had all of us concerned as to if he would ever be able conduct ministry again.  By God’s grace he has had a complete recovery and this has been a testimony to all, both in America and Ghana.  His service today was designed to show public appreciation and praise to God for His marvelous provision of grace and healing.  Those in attendance of this marvelous service included members of churches, pastors, the chairman of the Ghana council of churches, and members of Sammy’s family.

The moving service was noted by strong testimonies from generational groups whom Sammy has impacted through the years.  Through tears of joy and appreciation we witnessed the testimony of a great man of God who has helped so many people through the years.

In addition to the service of thanksgiving, we were honored to present Rev. Lartey with an honorary Doctor of Theology degree from the North Carolina School of Theology (Wilmington, NC).  This great surprise was requested by the GEM district pastors and has been over 2 years in the planning.  It was thrilling for our national team to see the humility and gratitude of Sammy through this process.

This honor will open many doors for GEM as Dr. Lartey will be able to gain access to many national leaders who will be able to get our teams into new areas of the country.

Our evangelism ministry begins tomorrow.  Please pray for us as we travel to the project area over remote roads into some difficult area of the country.