PART 2. The Change you can believe in (Is not always good)

[Anyinam, Ghana – 26 Sept. 1430lt, Monday] – In a recent blog I wrote about the change that we are seeing in the moral and religious climate in the schools here.  [click here to read]

There is more change you can believe in. Recent reports indicate that young Muslim men are being paid to find and marry non-Muslim girls here in Ghana.  The funding, although denied by many, is apparently coming from the “faithful” in Saudi Arabia.  The idea is this:

Young men should search out and find “non-believers” to wed and have children.  These men tell the wives that they will not force them to “convert” and in fact they will be free to attend the church of their choice after the marriage.  In addition to the funds the man receives for marrying such a girl the entire wedding is paid for, at no cost to the girl or her family.  The only stipulation is that all the children that come from the union will be listed in all documents as “Muslim” for the purpose of records, censuses, and statistics.  And, since each man may have as many as four wives, with each wife bringing forth many children, the recorded number of “Muslims” is growing exponentially.  This means, in a relatively short time, Ghana can be listed as a “Muslim nation.”

In light of what we are seeing happen around the world, this erroneous practice will both embolden and empower extremists globally.  The good news is that few, if any of the people in this scenario, are functionally practicing Muslims.  Therefore the soil is still fertile for harvest!  We must bring to Gospel to them – while we can.

The bad news is that once Islam becomes the official religion of the majority in Ghana, the likelihood of religious demands will be placed on those in authority.  In other words it could become illegal for Christians to share the Gospel in the country.  Such is already the case in numerous countries around the globe.

What can we do?  Perhaps nothing about this demonic activity, but we can remain diligent in our task of sharing the love of Jesus with everyone we meet.  Our time for evangelism may be running out – I urge you to remain faithful to the Gospel – it is the “power of God unto salvation.”