Our ministry in Ghana begins …

airplaneThe time of departure is at hand.  The months of preparation have reportedly made things ready for our arrival.  Although team member, Nick Olilla has been on the ground in Accra since Sunday, (9.11.11) Jeff Andler and I are leaving this afternoon at 4:20 on a flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  We will overnight in Germany and then connect to our flight to Accra on Thursday afternoon and are scheduled to arrive in Ghana that evening.  (Team members, Drs. David Ney and James McLean will depart on Thursday and arrive in Ghana on Friday morning.)

Our project will be difficult but we are trusting God for tremendous results.  Through dental clinics, village programs, school assemblies, film crusades, and various meetings with church leaders we will passionately present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who have “ears to hear.”

Please pray for our team in the following specific ways:

  • Pray for safety in travel.
  • Pray for our physical health and strength as we face difficult living conditions, travel on rough roads, and eat some strange food.
  • Pray for our spiritual strength.  We need a fresh anointing of God’s Spirit each day.  We are praying for the power of God to rest upon us as we live the Gospel each and every day.
  • Pray for those who will hear the Gospel.  The enemy is already active and attempting to disrupt the ministry.  Please pray that a hedge of protection will be evident around the entire project.

On behalf of the entire team (both national and international) I want to express my deepest appreciation for all you are doing to keep this ministry before the Throne of Grace.  Let me say a very special thank-you to my colleague Julie Wozniak for all the work she does to keep you up-to-date on our work in Ghana.  Without her, you would not be reading these lines.  Thank-you Julie!