Our ministry continues in Ghana

[Anyinam, Ghana – 20 Sept. 1607lt] – The work here continues to be a challenge.  Our travels are difficult but God’s blessings are phenomenal. Thus far, with two full days of school and dental ministry, but only one night of film crusade, we have seen 3,182 indicated, first-time decisions for Christ!  To God be all the glory.

Team members Dr. James McLean and Mr. Nick Ollila are doing a wonderful job in presenting the Gospel during the film crusades.  Both men have been in Ghana before and are completely clear in the presentation of the message of Jesus Christ.  Please remember to pray for them each evening as the travel over intense terrain into the remote regions of the country to preach the Gospel.  (Ghana time is four hours in front of East Coast, USA time.)  Typically, they are standing to preach at about 5pm Eastern Time.

Dr. David Ney continues to see many patients each day.  Thus far (in two days) he has seen and treated over 60 people.  Several of these individuals require multiple extractions.  Please pray for his strength and stamina.  His work is done outside with little relief from the heat and pressure.

As always, Jeff Andler has joined me on this project and his absolute love for evangelism encourages me.  This wonderful brother has a compassion for the world and a passion for Christ.  He is certainly my partner in ministry and I am thankful to God for him.

Please do not stop praying for this ministry.  We have already shared the Gospel in 27 venues over the past two days.  The schedule continues to increase.  PRAY.