“One-A-Week Challenge” – Week 34

00030096_h“The Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.”

Psalm 1:6 esv

The better translation of the Hebrew here would be “The Lord is constantly knowing the way of the righteous.” We must always remember that God knows where we are and knows the way He has for us.

Several years ago while on a ministry project in Africa our team had an assignment which required us to cross the Volta Lake on a makeshift ferry boat. The adventure across was beautiful and fairly enjoyable. Once ashore in the Afram Plains district we had a very hot and dusty ride to our hotel where we learned that two of us had to travel further along the lake which required both trucks and boats to get us to the assigned location for the evening.

The early evening sky was beginning to darken as we rode the trucks on rapidly declining roads which eventually became nothing more than a footpath that brought us to the waters edge. There we were met by another, much smaller boat which would be our passage across another part of the Lake.

This boat was nothing more than a series of metal barrels lashed together by ropes and a few wooden planks laid over the barrels from side to side. On top of the deck the operator had positioned two long boards on which we were to drive our truck. He gave us a strict command to stay in the truck. Our mode of propulsion was a small outboard motor that sounded more like a chainsaw than a boat motor. By the time we set out the night sky was completely black, making the entire journey a bit eerie.

Getting the truck off the raft was challenging but we did so and began to drive again to the end of the road where we got out and began to walk along a dark, uneven path. At least two of us stepped into ruts or holes and fell to the ground. I remember asking Sammy how could he possibly see where he was going on this hike. His reply was a perfect connection with Psalm 1:6. “I have been on this path since I was just a child. I know the way because I have always been coming this way.” Then he said, “Just stay in step with me and all will be well!”

From that moment on we never felt the slightest notion of being lost or in danger. Even through it was not a way I had been before, there was comfort in knowing that my guide knew it well. When the project was completed for that night we retraced our steps, truck tracks, and voyages back to our hotel. By 2:30 am we were safe for a night’s rest before our return to the same place the next morning for the dedication of a new church assembly from the evangelism efforts the night before. Somehow this secondtrip was far less adventurous because we had the confidence in knowing that our guide was “constantly knowing” the way.

As a child of God you have the absolute assurance that God is knowing the way He has planned for you. Stay in His steps and all will be well.