On This Very Day!

[Asesewa, Ghana] —Often we do not think that “today” is all that important. As we were sharing the gospel in one of the schools this morning, I was taken aback in watching the students who had just prayed to receive Jesus Christ write their names and “this very date” into the front of their new bibles. It was on “this very day” that they realized that their names had been written into the book of life. it was on “this very day” that they had received the assurance that their sins had been forgiven and that they had a home in heaven. “This very day” is extremely important.

Today I met a young man who told me that we had been in his school five years ago when he was a senior in High School and now he is in working in the hotel where we are staying. He is now actively involved in his church and in fact is contemplating the work of the ministry for his own life. He smiles at us as he watches us leave each morning to set out for our day of ministry. “Paul” is a fine young man who gives his all in serving us.

I hope you realize it is “this very day” that God may have something wonderful planned for you. Let “this very day” be the day you honor the Lord Jesus Christ with your life.