Not Everything Is As It Sounds!

IMG_4165[Dodowa, Ghana] — Yesterday I wrote, “God once again provided an alternative to this and we have checked into a great place complete with a swimming pool, and fitness center.” Now, in case some of you think we are in the lap of luxury, let’s take a closer look at the pool and tennis court. It’s still in Ghana!

Our first day of school ministry has been completed and all in all we have shared the gospel with 3,390 people on this project. We are praying for God to continue to open doors for continued opportunities.

IMG_4166Our first couple days in the country have been “uneventful,” which means “very successful.” The first night of cinema projects were near the hotel and today’s schools were too. Thus, the travel has been easy and the labor has been effortless. Although warmer than what we left in the USA it is certainly not as hot as some times. It is humid, but we are thankful for this opportunity.

Team members (foreign and domestic) are doing extremely well. Our Ghanaian brothers are incredible, both in their preparation for us and their execution of the tasks at hand. We are all amazed at how easy they make this entire work look. It reminds me that we must do EVERYTHING with diligence and discipline. I promise we will practice these two words here and I hope you will in your place today.

Keep praying and trusting God for His protection and provision.