No News Is Good News

IMG_0147[Ambones, Ghana] Sunday morning. We are settled into our hotel here in the rolling hills of Abonse. This village hotel is good by comparison with most of its kind and ably watched over by Solomon, a man in his mid twenties, who attends to our every request. He is doing his absolute best to make sure we are comfortable. We are all thankful that we have such an adequate place to call home for this final week of the project.

The most noticeable difference in this week of the project will be that we do not have access to the phone service – and thusly no internet to send daily blogs. We are hoping that some of our school ministries venues during the week will be within a mobile network coverage area, which might enable us to get a brief word out from here. Just note, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.

On Saturday our group made the 1½-hour drive from Abonse to Kpong for the meeting with our GEM pastors, evangelists, and leaders. These semi-annual meeting enable us to meet face-to-face and hear what is going on in the lives of these dedicated servants of the Lord. Much of the time was spent in their asking for additional assistance in getting “meeting places” erected in the various village settings. All in all we have learned that 25-30 of these places are needed around the country at a cost of $1,000 each. We assured the men that we would make this matter known and that we would trust the Lord for the provision.
The evangelistic projects are going remarkably well. Thus far we have shared the gospel in 72 venues to estimated crowds of over 18,000 people where over 11,500 individuals have indicated decisions for Christ!

As for our American teams members; we are all doing great. Thus far there have been no issues. Everyone is healthy and (for the most part) happy. As mentioned, our accommodations and food has been adequate. Please remember to pray for us all throughout the remainder of our project. I promise to give you another update as soon as possible.