The Next Step

Your Support is Needed

As we are facing the end of the year there are several things we are looking to fund with our ministry in Ghana. We have to update our technology to keep pace with how people engage in learning. We are screening the Jesus film several times a month in the underserved areas of the country where people have limited access to the most basic needs of daily living.

Our going to them enables them to see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not just for those in the cities but is available for everyone. The Gospel is free, but the sharing of the message requires financial gifts of the friends of the ministry.

We are seeking to provide new projectors, sound equipment, generators, and laptop computers. These technologies are costly, far more than most people realize. Their development will require expertise beyond our staff’s abilities; we have to hire professionals in the field to assist in the development.

Please prayerfully consider a generous donation over and above your regular monthly contribution to assist us in improving our technologies and strengthening our communications.