Ministry of the Mundane

Juapong, Ghana — Sometimes the ordinary is extraordinary!  Let me tell you about the ministry of the mundane. Often the daily things of life seem  mundane and insignificant, but nothing with God is so. There is heavenly “rightness” about continuing on during times of tedious sameness.

10.1. 13 roadToday our ministry here continues on the same paths.  We were up and out before 7:30 and traveled down more rough roads to more desolate schools.  The ride was more bumpy and the schools were farther out than on previous days.  The people responded well to the message of Jesus and we distributed Bibles to hundreds and hundreds or people.  Our souls were blessed by the faithfulness of God in all things.

Jeff and his team arrived at one of the village schools to discover that the kids had all been sent to their homes for projects of some sort.  The team left the school and made there way to the next assignment with no time or plans to return this missed school.  Jeff went on today to preach to a total of four school groups.

After I and my team had finished preaching to our third school group of the morning we were driving past an old and dilapidated school building along the side of the road.  Pastor Sammy Lartey suggested that we stop and check on this place and we did.  The group was small in number — only  65 people, including students, teachers, two laborers, and a few more by-standers.  I have never encountered a more down-trodden looking and depressed acting group in all my days of ministry.  There was something strangely “ignored” about this group.10.1.13 Forsaken School

Through the lips of my translator, Pastor Ebenezer Agbleze, I shared with all who would heard the love of God in Christ.  I reminded them that God loved them so much that He gave His son, Jesus, to die in their place and in their sins.  I said, “I love this brother (Sammy Lartey) very much and would do everything in my power to help him. But,” I continued, “I do not love him enough to allow one of my children to die for him!”  The Holy Spirit used this to open the eyes of the people in this place.  It was evident that they saw, heard, understood, and received the message of Jesus Christ!

10.1.13 Forsaken School KidsWhen the opportunity was given for people to express their decision to receive Jesus Christ, 50 of the 65 did so. This was the same school that had missed their opportunity to hear from Jeff and his team earlier in the day.  We learned from some of the workers that NO BODY ever comes out to this school.  It has been ignored by officials and refused by everyone else.  Although they missed our first team this morning, God in His grace provided for them to hear His message.  I will always wonder what great work in doing through the people in this place.  Please pray for them and all of us as we enjoy the ministry of the mundane.

Please continue to pray for our team.  Andy is feeling fine today, and the rest of the team are all doing well.  Thank you for your prayers!