Lessons From A First Grade Graduation

This is the time of year for graduations and award ceremonies. I know that many of you have been blessed to share in some of these as I have.

This week, I had the joy of being at my grandson’s first grade awards ceremony. It was fun to watch all the kindergarteners and first graders sit in anticipation of hearing their names called out and be recognized for various things. The best part of the day is when “your” student finds you in the sea of parents and gleams a huge toothy grin indicating their approval of your presence.

nursery-graduation“Don’t count the days…make the days count!”

As this particular school’s award ceremony neared the conclusion, the fine Principal said to the assembled students, “Boys and girls, let’s tell our guests here today what we have been saying each day since the first of May.” In complete unison the six and seven year olds said, “Don’t count the days…make the days count!”

That’s good advice for all of us! Too often we get overwhelmed and stressed over the things of life. A friend of mine often says “I did my best and my best was good enough.” When you make your days count for the glory of God, you can be certain it was good enough. The writer of Hebrews wrote, “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” (10:24 NLT)