Learning the Lessons

Each day we learn more and more. It is thrilling to see all that God is doing in and through our work here in Ghana. We learn more about ourselves and our work in the world.

This morning while in a village school, Evangelist Mark Chase said that while there were no teachers present when he arrived, all the school children were working diligently to clear the school yard of leaves and debris while others were sweeping and cleaning the classrooms. He noted that when he called them together, they eagerly came and listened to the Gospel message and when the invitation was given almost all of them responded positively to the offer of Christ to forgive them of their sins and adopt them into the family of God. This is a reminder that people will listen when we share our faith with them. Why not today, go and share you faith with others?

In another place this morning, Evangelist Jeff Andler related that in a school of over 300 students, after they had prayed to receive Christ, he was encouraging the new believers to do three things. First, Talk to God everyday in Prayer. Second, read and study the Word of God. Third, “Tell someone today that you have received Jesus Christ into your life.” Jeff said that immediately nearly every student turned to the person beside them and boldly proclaimed, “Today I have invited Jesus into my life!” This is a testimony to the Word of God and that new believers are given a boldness to acknowledge Jesus in their lives. Why don’t you today, tell someone around you that Jesus has forgiven you of your sins and now reigns in your life?

As I was waiting for the students to gather in a large Catholic school today, I was visiting with the Head Mistress and her assistant. In good conversation, she said, “So you are from Canada?” to which I replied, “No we are from the United States.” She then said, “It is sad what I see has happened in your country.” When I pressed her a bit she said, “You are not allowed to share the Bible in your schools … how is it that the greatest missionaries in the world come from the US, but you cannot even share the Bible in your schools … I am praying for you and your country.” I did not have a good response, but told her that nothing could really stop Christians from sharing their faith.

All three of these illustrations remind me that God continues to do a great work in and through all of us, but we must all remain faithful to Him. Each of you reading this are a vital part of this ministry and we continue to count on you to lift us up before the Lord. He continues to increase His Kingdom. With all the problems in the world it is encouraging to remember that the Word of God abides forever.


“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”

For the team … Roy