The last days of the journey.

2017 was defined in many different ways by every person. It is almost now nothing but memories, and this weekend in a wonderful time to reflect on the accomplishments, failures, victories, defeats, delights and disasters. It’s completely right and reasonable to spend some time reflecting.

As you look back at the year now (almost completely) passed, spend some time:

  1. Looking thoughtfully at your journal entries for the past year. (If you were not successful in journaling, just move on to the next assignment.
  2. Look back at the lessons you learned for your devotional life and scripture reading. If you mark in your Bible look and see what verses were especially meaningful to you.
  3. Think back to the high water marks of 2017 with your friends, family, and work.
  4. Now, sit down with your journal and attempt to write a gratitude letter (that you will never actually send out) describing the who, what, where, and why of each item on your list.
  5. Go out today and purchase a new journal or notebook that you will begin to use faithfully starting on Monday, January 1, 2018.

Yes, the next two days are the perfect time to glace in your life’s rearview mirror. Enjoy this time, for on Monday it is time again to focus on life’s windshield. I am sure by now you have already completed your plans and goals for the new year. Remember, it is best to think of our year in quarterly blocks. Each of these blocks should have attainable, measurable goals set. I would include in these goals:

  1. What one trip/event will I share with my family?
  2. What productive thing I will accomplish in every area of my life and business?
  3. How will I express more gratitude, grace, and generosity in each quarter (remember to write these down for every quarter)?
  4. How will I invest into the lives of those in my circles of influence?

You will be amazed at what 2018 will look like when you plan your work and work your plan. This is the time to reflect … Monday will be the day to realize.