Just Two Women Along The Roadside

[Peki, Ghana] Thus far, we have shared the Gospel in 84 different ministry venues to crowds of nearly 20,000.  As of today, we have seen 11,820 individuals indicate their response to the offer of salvation!

On our way to the villages this morning, we stopped and picked up two women who were walking along the roadside. We offered them a ride and they gladly accepted our invitation.  Within a matter of seconds, pastors Ebenezer and Jacob were talking with these ladies about their spiritual condition.

When asked, “What must one do to have a relationship with God?” one lady responded, “We must do good,” while the other, older lady, said, “We must obey the Ten Commandments.”  Brother Ebenezer asked, “Do you always do good and do you always keep the commandments?”  To which both ladies responded, “No.” “ What then shall we do?” asked Jacob.  The women then proclaimed, “That is the problem.  How can we ever know for sure that we are accepted by God?”

This was an invitation to preach Jesus!  Taking the scripture, Ebenezer clearly presented the message of Jesus Christ.  It was obvious that the Spirit of God was at work, because shortly both ladies, bowed their heads and prayed, surrendering to the call of Christ on their lives.  This roadside encounter with Christ was a blessing for all of us inside the vehicle.


When we arrived at their destination the ladies both left the vehicle with a Bible in their hands and Jesus in their lives.  This kind of ministry is a regular part of life for these wonderful Christians here in Ghana.  I am sure, if we would simply yield to God, He would afford these opportunities in our lives at home.  Who knows what’s along the roadside in your life today!