June 2011 posts

Images of the Cross

 The cross is a constant reminder of the grace, love and mercy of God.  As I have had the opportunity to be away for a few days of rest and relaxation I have been amazed at the wonderful ways God reminds me of His love.  As I sit on the porch of our condo it seems that my eyes are drawn to images of the cross.  These images might be nothing more that the beams of a condo unit across the way, the shape of a tree in the distance, or even an oddly shaped cloud in the sky, but I know that I see these images. It has been a great reminder of the love of God.

As many Americans prepare to celebrate the birthday of our nation this weekend, I hope you will remember that this once richly blessed nation was founded upon the Word, will, and way of God.  We were unashamed to mention openly the Name of God in our classrooms, courtrooms, or congressional halls. However, now our fear of the politically correct has sent us down a path of disaster.  The only hope for America is Jesus and I trust that you will use this weekend to ask God to bring to your remembrance the wonderful glory of what could be again.

15 June 2011

Seasons of Refreshment

 Now that school is out for the summer break many people will enjoy times of vacation, holiday, and relaxation. I am sure that God created us to enjoy and benefit from these seasons of refreshment. Our body, mind, and soul all require these times of revitalization and we will all be better following the break.

I hope you will remember to benefit from your times of vacation — regardless of where you go or what you do. Our family is looking forward to our break to Hilton Head Island with another family of friends. We will enjoy all we do but especially our time worshiping with the dear people of First Baptist Church of Hilton Head. It will be refreshing to listen to the Word of God preached from that excellent pulpit. Let me encourage you to worship in a church in the place where you vacation. Look and see that the Body of Christ is alive around the globe. Look for how God is at work around you — even when you are away from home. I have made it my practice to be aware of God’s activity everywhere I go. Even today, while in a local department store I had the opportunity to engage in spiritual conversation with a person working in the store. She gave testimony to me that she personally knew Jesus Christ. I hope you will join me in turning the world upside down. If you did not have the opportunity to hear my message last week (by the same title) I hope you will click here to listen online.

My heart continues to be encouraged by all that I see God doing around us.