JESUS Film Shown Nightly In Villages

[Peki, Ghana] — We have received word that team member Craig Barker made it home safely this weekend.  We were extremely blessed to have him with us for this past week.  Jeff Andler, Andy Poe, and I are still on the field in Ghana.  Thus far we have shared the Gospel in 101 separate venues to over 20,000 people.  Praise God for His wonderful provision!

Today we began our project’s final week of ministry in the schools.  Our schedule has us slated to be in schools through Friday, 05 October.  In additional to the numerous schools we will be holding two film crusades each evening.

Maybe you will be able to pray for specifically if you understand more about these evening projects.

Each evening we send two teams of national pastors and evangelists out to set up the projection and sound equipment used in screening the JESUS film.  They also roam through the planned area and invite people to “come and see” the film in the evening. Often, without seeing a visible result of the invitations, these men continue to call people to the Gospel!

When darkness has fully fallen our men begin the showing of the JESUS film, which has been translated into the dialect of the local villages.  Often the people watching the film have never seen anything like our movie.  The screen on which we show the film is approximately 8’x8’ and is visible from both the front and rear. Many times the crowds number in the hundreds (and occasionally in the thousands), and nearly all are attentive and engaged.

Later in the evening members of our American team arrive on site and are given the opportunity to preach the Gospel during a break in the film.  It is almost unimaginable how carefully the crowds listen to the Word of God as it is shared with them.  This is in no way a reflection on the people or the preachers, but on the marvelous grace of God.  The Holy Spirit so hedges the place with protection and draws people unto Jesus that it is beyond words.

Each evening several hundred people indicate a decision of response to the Gospel.  All of them give their names and addresses to the counselors who pray with them and begin to make plans on a future visit in the area.

When the crowds are dispersed, our teams dismantle and pack the equipment into our vehicles are return the Americans to our hotel.  This all is the nightly ministry of GEM in Ghana.

I hope you will continue to pray for the logistics and people involved in this project.  While it always seems flawless to us while we are here, we all know the great amount of preparation it takes to appear as such. Thus far we have seen 13,784 people indicate their first-time decision for Christ.  We are praying for all who hear the Gospel in the coming days.  We trust that you will too!