It’s Only Rock-n-Roll … But I Like it!

[Dodowa, Ghana] — Nearly everyday looks the same here in Ghana. We arise around 5:30, shower and prepare for the day. I have a cup of coffee, read my devotional and Bible, pray and then go to breakfast. There our team comes together and contemplates the day ahead. Our national team members arrive and take us to our first school ministry site. After that program, we go to another, then another, and then another. We rock-n-roll from one place to the next … but we like it!

IMG_0147The evenings are pretty much the same each day too. After dinner the nationals arrive (around 6:30/7pm) and summons James and Andy for their trek to the separate venues for the night. Upon their arrive, where the JESUS film is being shown, they are greeted by the village host who has worked hard in getting a crowd gathered. When their language interpreter prompts them they will stand before the large crowd and share a simple Gospel message. Each night we witness hundreds of individuals respond positively to the message by indicating their decision to receive Jesus Christ. Such is our ministry in Ghana.

The Lord is being very gracious to us during this project. Thus far rains have not interrupted us. We have been able so show the film twice nightly and complete our schools every day without delay. We have had only slight problems with our accommodations and meals. We have been blessed to have reasonable access to the internet which enables us to share the updates with you. On Friday, we move to another area of the country and thus have no idea about any of the conditions or services (including internet.)

Thank you for praying for us … thus far we have been able to share the gospel with over 9,900 individuals. Please continue to faithfully pray.