It’s Deep, Dark, and Dangerous!

9.26 School[Asesewa, Ghana] — For the past couple of days we have been experiencing the “normal” life for Ghanians in that the electricity is being cut off by the government controlled power company. Some of this is reported to be the result of a lack of rainfall feeding the Lake Volta reservoir and thus limiting the amount of electric production through the dam, while others are maintaining that Nigeria has cut off the supply of natural gas supplied to Ghana for the power generation plants. Still others report that it is simply the result of the government here to manipulate and control the people. I have no idea where the truth lies but the end result is the same. It’s dark …(no power for our fans) and frustrating. While it may be true that we are spoiled Americans this inconvenience is certainly taking a toil on us and also on our Ghanian brothers. Please pray for some stability in this physical area of the project.

Difficult RoadAs I have mentioned before this project is taking us into some very remote areas and the roads on which we travel are the worst I think we have ever encountered here. Traveling on these roads during daylight are challenging enough, but the journeys at night are far more harrowing. Our men have been through deep ravines, numerous potholes, forced to cross standing water, and fording streams, creeks, and rivers. Last night one of our teams decided to take a “short-cut” home which resulted in four-wheeling down a rugged and rocky slope only to end up stuck in deep mud at the bottom. Even with a strong four-wheel drive vehicle there was no escape. The only way out was for a group of people to push, pull, tug, and tow the vehicle out of the bog. Once out, the vehicle climbed a steep mountain back to the main road. It reminded us that short-cuts are often dangerous and foolish.

This morning I was faced with one of my greatest fears in Africa. We saw what was reported to be a green mamba snake which made my skin crawl. Each day we have seen numerous scorpions and spiders. By God’s grace we have not been harmed. It reminded me that the enemy is at every turn and that we must constantly be in a spirit of prayer and surrender to the leadership and lordship of Jesus Christ. Please continue to lift us up before the Lord and ask for his protection, provision, and power in all that we do!

9.26 BiblesThe word of God never returns empty. So far, through Friday morning we have seen over 9,300 individuals in 75 different ministry venues indicate first-time decisions for Christ. To God be the glory! It’s deep, dark, and dangerous, but WOW is it divine!