How Can I Serve?

Some people have a sense of God’s call on their life at a very early age while others may realize this call upon them gradually. Not everyone is called to be a “full-time” vocational missionary, but all Christians are called to be involved in Great Commission Activity (GCA).

GCA takes on various forms and our realization of our responsibility may be the result of one or more of the following:

  • Identification of a certain existing need and a desire to be used of God in the meeting of that need.
  • Individual confirmation of God's call through personal Bible study and prayer.
  • Increasing faith and assurance of God's faithfulness in meeting all needs.

Once our heart is burdened for the lost we will have a deep desire to be used of God in sharing His great love with the people of the world.  But, you are wondering, am I qualified?

Qualifications for a Short-term Missions Volunteer?

  • Must be a born-again believer, able and willing to share his/her testimony with others.
  • Must have God’s release to join us on the particular we are considering.
  • Must raise their own financial support for the project.
  • Must have a “servant’s heart” and a flexible spirit.
  • Must obtain a valid passport and visa (where required).
  • Must be willing to submit to the authority of the project coordinator, and sponsoring organization.

What will I do on a project?

  • Share your personal testimony with people in churches, villages, and on the street as the opportunity arises.
  • Evangelism in churches, villages, open-air venues, and school assembly programs.
  • Use your specific talents, music, singing, drama, preaching, etc. to present the gospel as needed during the specific ministry project.
  • Participate in “PrayerWalking” efforts.
  • Encourage pastors, church leaders, and national believers.