Hope Offered … Hope Received

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9.23 Roy Preaching in School [Asesewa, Ghana] —This morning three separate teams journeyed out to offer ministry in remote and distant schools. The roads were very rough — almost non-existent and seemingly leading to nowhere, but upon arrival at our various appointed schools we found groups of students and teachers awaiting us. I never cease to be amazed at the marvelous ways God goes before us in preparing the hearts of people to hear the gospel message.

In one of the schools I met a young girl named Jewel. She was a gentle spirited girl with a sweet and warm smile. She listened intently to the message I shared with the school and I could tell she was really engaged in the story of God’s love through Jesus Christ. Jewel was a catholic, by tradition, but once she heard the truth that JESUS, not the church, was the way to eternal life, her eyes were brightened and her heart was opened. It was such a blessing to watch and listen to her pray a simple prayer:

9.23 Jewel praying

“Yes God, I know I am a sinner,” and “I’m sorry for my sins; yes, I believe that Jesus died and shed His pure, innocent blood for my sins, and that He arose from the dead; I ask Him to forgive me and take control of my life. Thank You for giving me a new, clean heart and a home in Heaven when this life is over.”

While this girl’s life will continue to face the challenges of living in west Africa, she now lives each day knowing that with the assurance that Jesus Christ has come into her life — a matter of grace through faith — she has eternal hope in this life and the life to come.

9.23 Roy with StudentsAll-in-all our teams have conducted 29 separate ministry venues where we have shared the gospel message with 4,528 individuals. Please continue to pray for us as we enjoy the challenges of each new day.