Homeward Bound 

Another ministry project is now a memory.  After meeting with our entire team this morning we left the field for Accra.  The drive was without incident and we have settled into our hotel in the Capital city for a night of rest before boarding our flight home early tomorrow morning.   It seems like only yesterday that we were leaving for Ghana.

During our days here we were able to share the Gospel with over 40,000 individuals in 227 venues where nearly 25,000 indicated decisions for Christ. We continue to pray for the leaders, churches, and pastors here who are tasked with the responsibility of walking alongside these new believers as they grow in their faith.

I want to express my appreciation to our American team members.  Craig Barker accepted each ministry assignment with joyful anticipation of all that God was going to do.  He never crumbled or complained and was an encouragement to everyone.  James McLean, who was expecting to speak each day in the schools, had his assignments adjusted and spoke in village meetings each evening without hesitation.  My longtime colleague and dear friend Jeff Andler worked doubly hard this trip.  He was asked to travel to more remote areas on the roughest of roads because the Ghanaians were determined to take care of me following my recent knee surgery.  In addition to his ministry assignments Jeff did an outstanding job in making sure that I did everything I was supposed to in order to take caution with the recuperation and rehabilitation of my knee.  (My wife Mary will be very proud of him!)

On behalf of everyone associated with this project I want to say thank-you.  Knowing that you were praying for us has made all the difference.  This one is behind us and we are looking forward to returning in March 2018.  As our friend and ministry associate Dr. David Ney often says, “This never gets old and the story continues to be told…”