Holocaust Remembrance Day

National Day of Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015 begins today at sundown and ends at sundown tomorrow night. It is a time for much of the world to acknowledge the genocidal acts of an anti-Christ named Adolf Hitler.

Between 1933 and 1945 Hitler and his demonic litter of Nazis murdered 11 million innocent people including 1.1 million children. Six million of those victims were Jewish. Today I trust you will pause to remember the victims, the families, and all who were touched by this horrible act of depravity.

Following the defeat of the Nazis and the end of WWII most thought nothing like this would ever happen again. The phrase “Never Again” has unfortunately failed to prevent other genocides including Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur. We must do more than remember, we must never forget.

For us today, there are some things we must never forget. You might be at the top of your game today and think everything is going your way, but you must NEVER FORGET that it is God who is in control you are not.

We must NEVER FORGET that victories in life should lead to humility rather than gloating. From the Proverb for today we read the words of this same idea … “humility comes before honor” (v33)

We must NEVER FORGET that character counts. People are watching you in times of success as well as times of struggles. After all our character is who we are … not what we do. Our character is building every day. Spend some time today thinking about what you want your character to show.

NEVER FORGET to say something that matters today. None of us knowhow long we will live so we must be determined to speak words of love faith and hope each day.

And finally, NEVER FORGET that the Three G’s are the foundation of every true believers life. Look for ways today to be grateful, gracious, and generous with all that God has placed in your life. NEVER, EVER FORGET that Jesus is Lord.