Here We Go Again!

Here we go again! The months of preparation are complete, the team has assembled and we are headed back to West Africa. Our first overseas ministry project of 2012 is underway.  I am sitting in the airport in Charlotte with colleagues Rev. Jeff Andler and Dr. David Ney as we wait to board our flight to Washington where we will then connect for an overnight flight to Accra, Ghana

Our two other team members, Dr. James McLean and Mr. Andy Poe are en route from Raleigh to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Amsterdam where they will connect to their flight to Ghana.  The time of departure is at hand.  The months of preparation have reportedly made things ready for our work in Ghana. It is important to remember that the work we do while in a foreign country is but a small part of the work that takes place.  From the numerous trips that our team members in the country make to the remote places where the ministry will take place to the heavy follow-up that is done in the country with all those who indicate decisions for Christ this is certainly a labor intensive project.

With all the spiritual warfare that has taken place in the weeks leading up to this project, I am certain that we are in for a wonderful project.  Please pray for us and ask God to give us both physical and spiritual strength, safety in travel and while on the ground, and above all a holy boldness to proclaim the mighty Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are counting on you.