Here We Go Again



The day has finally arrived!  Our team of 5 leaves today for two weeks of intense ministry in Ghana.  Our Ghanian Team has been working for six months preparing for this ministry endeavor.  These men have worked tirelessly, without complaint, under very difficult circumstances.  They report many obstacles have been overcome and they are ready for our greatest project ever!

During these next two weeks I hope you will remember to pray for our entire team.  Joining me will be Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, Mark Chase, and Andy Poe.  Pray for our safety, strength, and security.  Pray for our families here in America — it’s always difficult on these as well.  Pray for our national team led by Pastor Sammy Lartey.

Let me say, on behalf of everyone physically involved in this project, thank-you for all that you have done and all that you will be doing on our behalf while we share the gospel in a distant place.  As you lift us up in pray, God will call thousands of souls unto Himself, and we will rejoice together in the glory of Jesus Christ.  By God’s grace, “Here we go again!”