Harvest Ghana 2018.2 is coming

The countdown to our next Ghana trip has begun. On Friday, 21 September 2018 our team of 4 departs the USA for Africa. Joining me on this project will be Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, and Mark Chase. These seasoned evangelists, pastors, and leaders are ready for God’s work in incredible ways and I am personally grateful to and for each of these dear brothers.

I spoke with our retiring director Rev. Dr. Sammy Lartey yesterday and he assured me that all the preparation plans for this upcoming project is going well. He reiterated the need for continued prayers for the work. He relayed that the warfare has been intense in the weeks leading up to now and expected it to intensify as we move ever closer to our arrival.

Please remember to make this work a matter for pray beginning today. Here are some specific things for which to pray:

1. The continuing work of preparation by our ground team in Ghana. These are long, difficult day, and exhausting days for the people working there.

2. The schools in which we will be ministering while in country. As with all things governmental, the “red tape” seems to get thicker and more difficult. Pray for God to open the hearts of the officials to see the glorious opportunity of having the Gospel presented in the places.

3. The health and welfare of our people in Ghana. Some are struggling at the moment, and some have malaria and other sicknesses. Others are simply tired as they have worked through the rainy season.

4. The safe travel of our team from the USA and for our strength and health as we head back on to the foreign field.

5.For the families of all the team members (both domestic and foreign) while we are away from home.

6. That the Lord Jesus will be completely exalted through everything we do.

As we all prepare for what we trust will be a tremendous project we are counting on you as a valued part of our team. Thank you for your support through finances and prayer as we continue on this great journey.