Half-full or Half-empty?

Half-empty glassThe goodness of the Lord should always be acknowledged in our lives. Too often we find ourselves in a space where we see the proverbial glass as “half-empty” rather than “half-full.” This foolishness is fueled by our own fleshly ambitions and desires. Each day we will make the decision of “sight walking” or “faith walking,” in other words we will approach life from a spiritual perspective or from a fleshly perspective.

It is natural to walk by sight, after all it requires nothing but more self-effort or self-punishment to justify and correct this type of circumstance. Think about it like this.

Today you arrived at your car and noticed you had a flat tire. You rant and rave over the fact that you will now be late for your appointment because you are forced to either change the tire or call someone to remedy the situation. All the while you are thinking in your mind that you should have noticed more carefully the condition of the tire yesterday. However in pretty short order the tire is changed and you are on your way.

The flat tire presented an opportunity for you to see the grace and goodness of God or the obstacle to bemoan and berate yourself (or someone else) for the problem. “Where,” you ask, “is the goodness of God in a flat tire?” If you had a spare tire in the trunk … be thankful for that! If you had the money to pay someone to change, replace, or repair the tire … be thankful for that!

It’s all about attitude. One of the three great needs of our life is “Gratitude.” We must allow God to develop in us an attitude of gratitude that sees all that we are as a gift from a gracious and giving Heavenly Father. Perhaps today you are struggling with some deep internal struggles, I hope you will pause right now to thank about all the ways God has been your provision. Your glass is NOT half empty … it’s full to the point of your need. Jesus Christ is our provision! Be grateful in life!